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Designed for low and zero wind conditions, this hybrid single line kite and glider kite will give you endless pleasure. With the ability to be an ultra-light static single line and an interactive glider, the Skate is a versatile kite that will add beauty, grace, and elegance to every place you choose to fly it.


Originally launched in 2007, the Skate is often credited as one of the first interactive glider kites, and made this genre present at virtually all indoor kite events.


The Skate is made from the high-quality micro carbon rods and .5 oz ripstop polyester fabric to create an optimum mix of lightness and durability. The Skate puts effortless gliding and soaring at the flick of your wrist.


All Skates built by Focus Kite Designs are custom made to the highest quality standards in the colors of your choice.  Check out our colorizer here and design YOUR unique Skate. 

The Skate

  • Wingspan: 5.5ft  (167.64cm)

    Height: 4ft  (121.92cm)

    Frame: Solid Carbon Pultruded Rods

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