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Focus Kite Designs was formed in 2007 by Hunter Brown and Paul de Bakker. They both have been involved in kiting since they were teenagers. Paul is a decorated sport kite competitor and designer. Previously, Hunter owned a kite shop,  Blowing in the Wind, and is an accomplished kite builder. With the goal of creating high quality, hand built, boutique kites for specific purposes, Focus Kite Designs was formed, and quickly gained recognition for its unique designs and top-notch build quality. In 2010, Hunter and Paul took a small hiatus from the business, but the designs have lived on in various ways.

Hunter and Paul remained close and the passion for the company remained. In 2020 the pair were asked to build a series of custom kites for a new show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. This project sparked the desire to explore Focus Kite Designs again, leading to its relaunch in 2022.

The relaunch is led by Hunter with the full support of Paul. All kites are built in by Hunter in his kite studio. The kites are built to the same high standards as before, assuring the customer they have something special when it is received. Paul is still involved in consulting, and you never know when a new collaboration may happen. Hunter has a full-time day job and a family. He is currently balancing his love for building quality designs with family and his career.

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