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The Ray is our newest kite based on the proven shape of the Skate and Manta. The Ray is a mid-sized variation to its sister kites with a wingspan of 7 feet 7 inches. In its year of development, the kite has proven to be a great size for a static single line kite and for gliding in no wind or indoor venues. 


The Ray is a wonderful blend of the Skate and Manta. It offers more presense in the sky than the Skate but still allowing for nice manuverablity when gliding without the need for as large of a space as the Manta. 


You can create a color arrangement that is truely YOURS with the Ray Colorizier on by Clicking Here

The Ray

    • Wingspan: 7 ft 7 in  (231.14cm)
    • Height: 5 ft 6 in  (161.7cm)
    • Folds down to 67in (170.18cm) with LE together or 38in (96.52cm) with LE folded down. 
    • Frame: Pultruded Carbon Tubes
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