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How many times have you been flying and there was no wind? Regardless, what if you could still put up a large and elegant single line kite? The Manta makes that possible.


After the success of our Skate, people asked for a similarly striking kite but one they could see on long line. After working with this idea, the Manta was born. 


The Manta is a majestic single line kite designed for ultra-low wind. Its large sail area and thin .156 carbon fiber frame enable it to climb into the skies in virtually no wind, while its elegant shape is visible from far away.


The Manta boasts a 10 ft 6-inch wingspan, with the frame of a much smaller kite. Great care has been taken, striking a balance between optimum flight and durability. The result is a kite that flies very vertical in the lightest of breezes while not being too fragile thanks to its “gust –absorbing” frame.


If you want to fly the Manta in winds higher than 8mph, add the optional high wind spreader. This enables the kite to fly in winds up to 16mph. This add-on comes complete with fittings and bow line installed.


To explore zero wind conditions, slide on the optional nose weight and the Manta becomes a 10.5 ft interactive single line glider. Its size lends itself to a graceful, slow flier. 


Don’t miss out on the Manta- the feeling of flight in the lightest conditions is a thrill.


Every Manta will be made to order for you, in your own colors, thus guaranteeing a personal and exclusive kite.  Create YOUR Manta with our Colorizer Here.          

The Manta

    • Wingspan: 10 ft 6 in  (320.04 cm)
    • Height: 7 ft 10 in  (238.76cm)
    • Frame: Pultruded Carbon Tubes
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