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Want to turn your Manta into a graceful glider for those no wind days or indoor sessions?  This kit includes all you need to make that happen.  You will get 3  1" x 1" weights, 1  1/2" x 1/2" weight, and a "C" clip stopper to put on the spine. 

These are high quality, thick walled stainless steel weights that allow you to adjust the weight to your liking. 

Manta Nose Weight Kit

  • Focus Kite Designs is a small Core business.  Therefore we want to work directly with you on payment.  How does that work? 

    • Decide what product(s) you want and add them to your cart
    • Go through the checkout process on our website
    • You will not be asked for a credit card during checkout
    • Once you finish checking out, the order will be sent to us. 
    • We will review the order and connect with you for payment
    • Our normal payment method is PayPal. We will send you a PayPal invoice for payment

    Don’t have PayPal?  Don’t worry.  We will work with you to find a payment method that works for both you and Focus. 

    Questions about this process?  Hit us up at

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