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How you can Build your Ultimate Smart Game Room

There are several things to consider when designing the ultimate smart game room, and this guide will help with a few game room ideas to keep in mind


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 Lighting and Effects:

 The most important element of the ultimate smart game room will be the lighting. Whether you seek to emphasize a particular display or you want to capture the ambience of a mid-80s arcade, the color and brightness of the lights makes a huge difference. From this point, you have multiple options. You could opt for budget-friendly smart lights like the Sengled Smart Bulb, or you could choose a more expensive and feature-rich option. If you want lights to give ambience and that will work with the content of your television, Philips Hue is a great option. 

 TV and Equipment: 

 If you are designing a room for the purpose of being an entertainment haven, the focal point will most likely be the TV. While the type of TV you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference, there are several things you need to keep in mind. You want a TV with low input lag (or the ability to activate a low-input lag mode), HDR, and a great picture quality — preferably an OLED. Bear in mind that a TV with the kind of high-end specs you’re looking for can be quite expensive, but it is possible to find sets that fit the bill for more wallet-friendly prices. Smart Control: There’s no point in putting in the effort for a smart game room if you have no way to control it. You can choose between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but make sure any other accessories you buy are compatible. For example, you might need smart plugs to control other accessories. If you want to make sure the entire room is wired up but you want to save money on LED light strips, an inexpensive smart plug can take the place of the smart strip. Just give the smart plugs a specific, memorable name and you can ask Alexa or Google to turn them all on at once.

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