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Realme Android Smart TV Review,Specification,Price: Should You Buy?

Realme Android SmartTV

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FIRST LOOK  Realme recently announced its very first TVs in India, the Realme TV 32" and Realme TV 43".Well, we got to test the Realme TV 43" and this is our Realme TV review. In this review, we talk about Realme TV's display, sound, remote, Android TV performance

Realme recently launched its very first  Android smart TVs. What makes the Realme TV modern looking is the thin bezels on the sides and the top the bezels are eight-point seven millimeter thin and these bezels are underneath the front glass and like a lot of other TVs out there which have protruding business almost all of them. the bottom bezel is a little thicker as it accommodates the Realme logo. you don't get a wall mount in the box so you'll have to get that separately.

Moving on to the backside it has the usual plastic design with all the ports you need. you get three HDMI ports an AV port, two USB ports, a tuna port, a LAN port, the AV, and the audio out port.

It has a full HD LED good-looking display. real me has also added its chroma boost. The display supports HDR 10 content and that's pretty interesting because most full HD TVs don't support HDR another great thing about the TV is the audio performance the Realme TV comes at 24-watt quad stereo speakers with one full-range speaker in a tweeter on each side of the TV. there's Dolby audio supports you can enable it in settings.
Realme Android Smart TV Review, Specification, Price: Should You Buy?

Software experience -

Now coming to the software experience the realme TV comes with Android 9 TV PI platform and it's stock Android TV no UI or anything. you also get the Google assistant which works well if you want to know the weather or anything about a new movie is also Chromecast built-in so you can cast movies and shows from your phone or your PC with the Chrome browser and you can even cast  the smartphone screen your pub G sessions on the TV using the Google Home app. 

Performance -

Coming to the performance  Realme TV comes those media takes quad-core cortex a53 CPU with Mali 470 mp3 GPU and this chipset is the reason why this TVsupports HDR 10 and HL g anyway there's also 1gb RAM and 8gb storage now these bare decent specs for a full HD TVbbecause there are TVs with more RAM and storage at this price available anyway specs aside the TV has been performing .well

The realme TV remote is a Bluetooth and IR remote that uses to triple-a batteries you'll get dedicated buttons for Netflix Prime video YouTube and of course Google assistant so overall the remote is pretty good lastly.

Realme TV comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and most other TVs I'll still stuck on Bluetooth 4.2 but the fact that the TV does not have 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi support, yes most positive is to still only support 2.4 gigahertz WiFi

Now it's your turn, what do you think about the first Realme TVs.tell us in the comment
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Realme Android Smart TV Review, Specification, Price: Should You Buy?

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