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Outdated applications can be dangerous; Prevent your mobile phone from getting hacked!

Let us see what precautions can be taken to prevent your mobile phone from getting hacked!

  • Check the apps on the phone. Installed applications are not visible for leaking information. For that, in the phone settings, click on the Apps (APPS) tab and check the downloaded apps. If you see any unusual application that you have not installed, uninstall it.                                                                                              
  • Always update applications and phone software and try to use the latest version. Outdated applications can often be dangerous.                                             
  • Do not forget to clear cookies and history in the phone browser. Otherwise, the passwords you enter during browsing may be leaked.                                             
  • While browsing on your phone, you will have to enter many different passwords. Many people press OK when they ask us to save passwords in our browser for our convenience. It is safe not to save passwords like this. If someone hacks our phone, they can log in to the site with the passwords saved in their phone.                                                                                                          
  • Do not install any application from outside the Play Store. The reason is that many of those applications are not secure. They are hacked and can leak information on the phone.                                                                                                  
  • Turn off Bluetooth when not in use. Hackers can leak phone information using Bluetooth./Avoid using public WiFi to the maximum. Be aware that your IP address may be leaked when using it.                                                                                 
  • Use screen locks to keep your phone from being used by someone else. The latest smartphones include fingerprint and face detection. If you provide pattern locks or passwords, set something that is not easily found by someone else.

if hacked

  • Still you doubtful whether the phone has been hacked. Then immediately transfer all the important files on the phone to a memory card and reset the phone factory.  
  • Provide a secure screen lock before copying them back to the phone. Never give your phone to someone who is unfamiliar with it. Or if your phone is being used by someone else, be careful to be present.

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